Pendleton Art Center Studio

Safe Haven Farms is fortunate to be located in an area that offers expansive farmland as well as proximity to the city of Middletown, a few short miles away. The farm has recently become a part of the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Middletown, a collection of art studios/galleries where the artists and entrepreneurs work, and on scheduled days welcome the public to their studios.

According to Stephanie Stier, the farm’s director, having a studio at the center will provide an off-site opportunity for the individuals at Safe Haven to be involved in the city of Middletown’s arts and business district. The studio will provide a showcase for the farmers’ art work and offer resources, education, and events to expand awareness of autism and the farm among the Pendleton artists and the broader community. Safe Haven’s agricultural program will be showcased as well with the farm supplying produce to the onsite Café