The residences at Safe Haven Farms can house a total of sixteen individuals and are designed with special features valued by individuals with autism.  Each of the four homes has four bedrooms, four and one half bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, sun room, and patio or deck.  Autism friendly features include double-walls for better sound insulation, large bedrooms with sitting area, extra large bathrooms, and a staff office. 

The residential setting is in the community of Madison Township, with several acres of land per home being typical.  The farm activities and the Hatton Center at Safe Haven Farms are a short walk from the residences.  This proximity is a prime reason residents choose to live here.  What daily commute could be better than a five minute walk?

Much of the farm has been placed into permanent conservation, never to be developed.  The residences are adjacent to nearly 20 acres of beautiful woodland.  Daily morning hikes are open to all and enjoyed regularly by many of the residents.  There residents can observe and enjoy the flora and fauna and witness the changes from season to season.  Deer, rabbits, squirrels, insects and birds of so many varieties abound. For individuals unable to cross streets and navigate cities safely on their own, this expansive setting offers real freedom that urban and suburban settings do not.  Residents can wander the farm and woodlands as they like while their support staff remains at a distance ready to help as needed.

Restaurants, shops, churches, banks, theaters, libraries, YMCA and other businesses are available in nearby Germantown (6.5 miles), Trenton (7.5 miles), and Middletown (6.5 miles).  The setting is situated between the large cities of Dayton (22 miles) and Cincinnati (40 miles).

New residents pay no up-front fees.  They are responsible for furnishing their own bedroom.  And for their rent and other living expenses, as they would be living elsewhere should they choose. 


To inquire about the residences, availability or residential program, please call us at 513-422-1880 or click the here to send a message to the residential team.