The farm is the center of daily live at Safe Haven Farms.  It supplies plants, fresh vegetables, flowers and eggs to the surrounding community.  Two hoop houses and a planting room extend the growing season from early February through December.  The farm is always busy with potting seedlings, mixing soil, watering, transplanting, cleaning, weeding, harvesting, and setting up the popular roadside vegetable stand.  Farmers also care for the many animals:  chickens, ducks, alpacas, goats, horses, and more.

See Farm Benefits to learn more about why farm life is a good life for many with autism. 


The day program at Safe Haven Farms extends across the farm and farming activities and also indoors in the Hatton Center, with its learning center, kitchen, arts & crafts room, sensory room and community room. 

Participants attend sporting and social events at nearby Miami University and partake in local entertainment such as the Zoo, Cincinnati Reds games, and Kings Island.  They also maintain a studio at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Middletown, where they can share their art and crafts with others in the community.  They also supply produce from the farm to the Art Center's cafe, giving the people of Middletown, literally, a taste of Safe Haven Farms.  Some participants enjoy individual or group sessions with a licensed music therapist.

The day program serves individuals on the autism spectrum.  Some participants live in the residences adjacent to the farm.  Others live at home with their parents or elsewhere in the surrounding community.

With major construction complete and the farming program more established, the day program is set to expand in 2016 to serve more participants.


To inquire about the farm or day program, including participation in the day program, please call 513-422-1880 or click here to send a message to the farm and day program team.